Registration for competitive classes is open  from July 1 – October 31.

Registration for non-competitive classes is open  from July 1 – March 31.


    Our Youth program starts as young as 3 years old and goes up to 13 yrs of age. These classes start with the little ones looking to build rhythm and make new dance friends in a fun environment, and move up to the young child looking to learn routines and perform alongside his/her dance friends at competitions. An excellent opportunity for kids to start their little dance careers in Hip Hop or Ballet|Tap|Jazz.


    Our Beginner program is for the student with 0 – 3 years experience in dance and looking for a place to start. No age or level of experience limitations! As a beginner we recommend taking 2-3 hrs per week of training and mixing and matching your classes.


    Our Intermediate program is for students with 4-6 yrs experience in hip hop and looking for a good challenge in the classroom to elevate their dance education.


    Our Advanced program is for students with 7+ yrs experience in Hip Hop or 4+ years for Youth students. Students should consider these classes only if they want to challenge themselves in a fast paced class among other advanced students.


    A competitive class will work every week towards the successful completion of a routine. This routine will be competed with at several local competitions near the end of the dance season (March – May). Students enrolled in these classes understand the level of commitment required to participate in a competitive class. Attendance is extremely important as well as a desire to perform on stage. Competitive students are responsible for all competition fees and must adhere to the policies and procedures of the studio for competitive students.Competitive students pay a monthly fee as well as any additional studio & competitive fees required by their class. Fees may be paid on a monthly, or annual basis in advance. All fees are due on the first weekend of each month. Late fees apply. There are no refunds for absences or cancellations with competitive classes.


    A team is the next level of competitive dance classes often running twice/week; pushing boundaries on both technical training as well as commitment. Teams are Audition based.
    A team is more selective with its members because in this class setting the teacher needs to create a specific vibe in the room with students of the same caliber and focus. What makes the process different in a team is that the teacher focuses heavily on training technique through drills, freestyle, and student challenges where everyone in the room has to push to become a leader and direct a piece on their own. There is more pressure in a team and absolutely no tolerence for unexcused absences or tardiness. Pre-Professional Teams also perform or compete at other venues and competitions outside of edmonton to rep 3sb and edmonton street dance at the highest level as well as to bond with each other and create positive synergy with all members.


    This elite audition based program has 3 levels (Youth, Teens and Young Adults) and is reserved for the highest level dancers who execute choreography and freestyle well beyond regular classes or teams. Members are personally trained by all 3sb Crew members and our out of town guest Choreographers. With higher expectations from these dancers, we expect them to be putting in the most amount of hours and represent the company on a pre-professional level.


    From Beginners to Advanced levels, our drop-in classes are a flexible option for people with unpredictable schedules. Enjoy the variety of a drop-in class as the instructor changes the choreography & skills you will learn each week. Drop-in classes occur the same time and day each week. Students can choose to pay per class or monthly at a discounted rate.


    From Beginners to Intermediate levels, our progressive classes are non-competitive drop-ins. The instructor will work each week on developing skills & choreography in a gradual but accelerating manner. Attendance is important as the curriculum will build each week. The Technical program are progressive drop ins.


    The Technical program has been created to allow students at 3SB to become fully rounded, confident movers. Intended for beginner and intermediate level dancers. Students will learn about different facets of performance, technique, and musicality in Ballet, JAzz, Tap, Street Jazz & Contemporary. This program is a non-competitive training program, with the potential for extra competitive numbers directed on weekends. The motive of this program is to allow dancers to increase their vocabulary and knowledge of all dance styles. To be a truly well rounded dancer, which is so important in the dance industry of today, it is best to train in as many styles as you can.